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QUANTUM PUBLIC SPEAKING-How to influence people through superlative communication

QUANTUM PUBLIC SPEAKING-How to influence people through superlative communication

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This book explores the mystery and special challenges of Superlative Public Speaking. Unlike any other book written on this subject, the author delves into the real meaning of the word,"Public Speaking." This meaning centers around the understanding of speaking as being synonymous with communication. To be a good speaker, you must first be a good communicator. This book attempts to enhance your communication skills to assure you superlative success as a Public Speaker. Public Speaking involves presenting your ideas both individually and on a group basis. In order to be successful in this process, one needs to know and practice the fundamental principles of good speech. To be truly successful, one first needs to understand oneself perfectly. An understanding of your very special and unique needs leads to formulation of specific speaking objectives. Achievement of such objectives results in obtaining rewards valuable and significant to the reader of this book.This reward could be earning a big sales commission or getting a major job promotion. The author takes you through a marvelous journey of superlative speech, pointing out all the obstacles preventing you from excelling in your direction of superior speech. He then follows up with ways, means and examples to help you become a prolific speaker. Public Speaking is both an Art and Science. But most important it is something that anyone can learn. With proper preparation and research, effective dress rehearsals and a targeted speech, anyone can move mountains and reach a high level of speaking success.