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QUANTUM MARKETING- how to create and grow profitable business opportunities

QUANTUM MARKETING- how to create and grow profitable business opportunities

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Quantum Marketing is a remarkable book, which takes you on a journey of methods, techniques and processes to assure you maximum success as a Marketer. This journey first weaves through the basic theoretical foundation of Marketing. This is the first of four themes expounded in this book. It talks about the 4P's of Marketing and how to combine them into an effective and thunderous Marketing Mix. It then shows you how to create and develop target markets. It further provides an understanding of branding and brand management, two ideas which have made millions of dollars for the large multinational companies. The journey then weaves through the complex world of Market Research. You are exposed to the latest and most successful techniques of Personal Selling. The author gives you hisi personal insight on the mysterious but dynamite field of Marketing Strategy and gives you pointers on how to develop your very own private strategy for selling your chosen product or service. The second theme in the book is about current marketing practices as they exist in modern corporations today. This is followed by the third theme, which is a condensation of a major case study, representing how a successful corporation has executed and overcome its marketing challenges. The fourth and final theme is that of current issues in the Marketing area and proposed solutions to these issues. The author prays that you enjoy and take this marvelous journey called Quantum Marketing with an open mind and heart. May it help you serve others better and give you the success you deserve. Marketing genius is created and not born and the author's hope is that you join the small number of marketing experts who have learnt and applied these principles to grow their career, business and fortune.