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The 3 CEOs Formula

The 3 CEOs Formula

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YOU HOLD THE KEY TO YOUR OWN FINANCIAL FREEDOM Want to fire your boss? Start your own company? Take control of your future and create a lasting legacy? That was what The 3 CEOs did and today, they have a network marketing empire to show for it. Using their unique, three-sided formula for success, Floyd Williams, Spencer Iverson and Donald Bradley built a business that has provided them with wealth, prestige and, most importantly, personal fulfillment. Whether you re new to network marketing or a seasoned professional looking to take your business to the next level, The 3 CEOs Formula can teach you how to reach your goals by: Focusing on personal development Finding mentors and emulating their successful habits Building a quality team one person at a time Clearly defining your motivations Remembering the lessons your parents taught you about hard work and responsibility If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to create a better future for yourself and your family, The 3 CEOs Formula can show you how to become the person and the business owner that you ve always wanted to be.