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The Lean Proposal Quick Start Guide

The Lean Proposal Quick Start Guide

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Complete, compliant & competitive proposals with the least amount of time, effort & resources. Non-experts and experts alike can build on proven best practices to produce proposals and critical documents FAST. Perfect for small & medium-sized businesses & large businesses learning to compete in today s faster-paced business development environment. Whether you have been writing proposals for a long time, just started, need to learn, or need to adjust your methods to a changing business climate, this book is step one!Short and to the point, the Quick Start Guide takes you quickly through the HOW of each step of the Lean Proposal ProcessTM from start to finish.This handy guide points out common pitfalls as well as the customer point of view giving you valuable insight into WHY to run a proposal this way.This is a great tool to hand out to everyone in the company, as well as any teaming partners to get everyone on the same page quickly and to keep everyone in sync as you move through the process.Templates and screenshot examples are included at critical points to fuel stages where efforts tend to get off track and where you have a great opportunity to maintain momentum.The Lean Proposal Process has a 100% rate of getting proposals into the competitive realm and a record 3000% return on resource investment. Start getting the Lean Proposal Advantage TODAY.