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My Healthcare Is Killing Me: A Survival Guide for the American Healthcare Consumer

My Healthcare Is Killing Me: A Survival Guide for the American Healthcare Consumer

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Medical costs are out of control and Americans are paying outrageous amounts to cover their medical needs. On top of that, healthcare is filled with medical jargon that is confusing and hard to understand. Most of us quickly get lost - and then billed beyond belief! How can you fight what you don't understand? Well you don't have to be an M.D. or a translator to understand healthcare and get your costs under control. Now, the experts at change:healthcare - who have learned much thanks to their own personal experiences - share what they know about the system and how to survive it. Inside, you'll find how to: · Make sense of your medical bills and EOBs · Negotiate with the big boys - and end up paying less · Find the most reliable service when it comes to your family's health · Spot the differences and cost trade-offs in insurance plans What Other People Have to Say: "My Healthcare is Killing Me does a great service in demystifying some of the complexities of the American healthcare system. It encourages individuals to be engaged in healthcare reform by asking them to become a part of the solution, reminding us that truly changing healthcare will be a responsibility shared by all." -Clayton McWhorter, Chairman of Clayton Associates "At last a clear, concise, entertaining and practical read on the fundamentals of healthcare in America. Having the facts and figures so clearly laid out has a calming effect. Push aside the piles of paper and read this book first!" -Fred Eberlein, Founder/CEO ReliefInsite.com