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Sustainable Land Management Sourcebook (Agriculture and Rural Development) (Agriculture and Rural Development)

Sustainable Land Management Sourcebook (Agriculture and Rural Development) (Agriculture and Rural Development)

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Policies promoting pro-poor agricultural growth are the key to help countries achieve the Millennium Development Goals especially the goal of halving poverty and hunger by 2015. The public sector, private sector, and civil society organizations are working to enhance productivity and competitiveness of the agricultural sector to reduce rural poverty and sustain the natural resource base. The pathways involve participation by rural communities, science and technology, knowledge generation and further learning, capacity enhancement, and institution building. Sustainable land management (SLM) an essential component of such policies will help to ensure the productivity of agriculture, forestry, fisheries, and hydrology; SLM will also support a range of ecosystem services on which agriculture depends. The Sustainable Land Management Sourcebook provides a knowledge repository of tested practices and innovative resource management approaches. The diverse menu of options represents the current state of the art of good land management practices. Section one identifies the need and scope for SLM and food production in relation to cross-sector issues such as freshwater and forest resources, regional climate and air quality, and interactions with existing and emerging infectious diseases. Section two categorizes the diversity of land management systems globally and the strategies for improving household livelihoods in each system type. Section three presents a range of investment notes that summarize good practice, as well as innovative activity profiles that highlight design of successful or innovative investments. Section four provides easy-to-access, Web-based resources relevant for land and natural resource managers.