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The Mythical Organisation

The Mythical Organisation

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The word `myth' has become synonymous with `untrue': in today's rational world, myths are always distrusted and frequently debunked. But myths should not be so easily dismissed. In The Mythical Organisation, Graham Galer identifies the existence of modern-day myths, including myths that have grown up around the British National Health Service, the BBC and climate change. He argues that their creation and development are driven by an underlying and often unconscious need to explain and maintain the social order. Drawing on his experience in scenario planning at Royal Dutch/Shell and in South Africa under apartheid, Galer provides insight and commentary on the importance of myth for social stability and the role myth has to play in changing public opinion and stimulating action. He demonstrates that a myth is not only a means of exploring the past but that it also provides a shared experience that allows us to examine the present and imagine the future. The Mythical Organisation is written for managers in large organisations, as well as for those lecturing or studying in the fields of business management - especially organisational studies and politics.