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The Organisational Leadership Audit

The Organisational Leadership Audit

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The Organisational Leadership Audit looks at leadership as an organisational resource. It shows how organisations need to provide a shared, honest and valid purpose, develop a conscious, supportive leadership culture, create a leadership structure that works, and remove obstacles to individual leadership. So, the key question for organisations becomes: How well is leadership being managed from an organisational perspective? The Organisational Leadership Audit is an essential tool for HR departments and senior general managers/directors in any organisation. By undertaking this audit you will: *Determine your organisation's strengths and weaknesses in respect of leadership including: the oversight provided by top management to leadership-enhancing initiatives; the leadership culture; leadership-related strategies, policies, plans, systems and processes. *See the need for organisational leadership that meets the expectations and demands of the changing business and social environment. *Identify what promotes, sustains and inhibits leadership in your organisation. *Encourage a consistent approach which ensures that leadership is acquired, developed, used, appraised, promoted, rewarded and retained. *Design appropriate responses to remedy any deficits in your organisation's provision and exercise of leadership - and remove obstacles to effective organisational leadership. *Lay the groundwork for a corporate-led senior management development strategy. *Set a baseline to audit organisational leadership against in future - and measure progress.