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Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms, Third Edition

Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms, Third Edition

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The Third Edition of the Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms is the most comprehensive single-volume reference book on real estate terminology. This 1,536-page book defines and explains in detail the meaning and significance of over 10,000 terms. The book has three main aims: (i) to provide a clear and precise explanation of the meaning of a particular word or phrase (although legal and technical explanations proliferate, every effort has been made to avoid, as far as possible, the jargon or the cumbersome phraseology that has grown up in this subject since the Middle Ages); (ii) to help the user find an answer to many of the questions that occur in real estate today (if not directly, then by reference to a number of other sources); and (iii) to point out where a problem might occur upon which, when required, further advice and counsel should be sought. It contains more than 15,000 citations (including over 5,700 cases and 1,900 statutory or code references). In addition, there are over 7,400 bibliographical references, many of which are referenced by page or paragraph number. The cross-referencing system, which extends to over 20,000 entries, provides an exhaustive thesaurus of real estate terminology. In addition, there is a separate BIBLIOGRAPHY of over 1,500 books. This reference work is truly international in scope. It draws on material from North America, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, as well as French and Civil law. The Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms is an essential reference work for all professionals confronted with the complexities of the modern real estate world. It will prove invaluable to real estate investors, consultants, lawyers, accountants, managers as well as students. "Comprehensive and Edifying. Understood by Joes, essential to Pros" Kirkus Discoveries, June 2008 PRAISE FOR THE SECOND EDITION AAA rating , one deserved by this publication ... This is a reference work that would make a worthwhile addition to the library of anyone with a more than passing interest in real estate transactions, in particular, and property law in general McGILL LAW JOURAL Every academic institution and major property organizations should have a copy PROPERTY MANAGEMENT What makes this book special is both its sheer breadth of coverage, which makes for wide and fascinating reading, and clarity of exposition ... This monumental work looks set to be the authoritative work on this area of the law, and can be strongly recommended as an indispensable reference text. NEW LAW JOURNAL A comprehensive and easy-to-read reference of real estate law and practice terms. PROPERTY & PROBATE. As either a practical handbook of current terminology or an historical reference tool, it proves a thorough, easy-to-use guide to the real estate word REALTOR© MAGAZINE A well documented guide to the meaning, use, and significance of over 8,000 real estate words and phrases LIBRARY JOURNAL