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Martial Arts Business 101

Martial Arts Business 101

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Martial Arts Business 101 is the culmination of Kyoshi Allie Alberigo's 40 years of Martial Arts experience as a student, teacher, and business owner. This book is a complete system for building and running a Martial Arts school from the ground up. Whether you have 5 students or 500 the systems in this revolutionary book will help you prospect, promote, manage, and retain your student base for maximum effectiveness. Some Praise for Martial Arts Business 101 I've had the privilege of working with Allie Alberigo for over 9 years. I admire him for doing something many preach but don't practice. He walks the talk. Allie stays true to his core values which comprise of honesty, selflessness and integrity. As an accomplished Martial Artist and businessman he is commited to helping others achieve a higher level of success. I know the industry is better off because of Allie. - Dina Engel - Chief Operating Officer, Member Solutions, Inc. I consider Allie Alberigo one of my closest friends. In the Martial Arts industry he is well known for his ethics and friendship. Allie cares about what he does and he is sincere in helping others with his gifts and his talents. If you're a school owner this book will provide insight, enlightenment and inspiration for you to reach your goals at a higher level than expected and take it to the next level. The school you dream about is in your grasp and this book will teach you how to reach it. - John Geyston - Premiere Martial Arts - Multiple School Owner Allie's book is full of beneficial nuts and bolts business information that is delivered with an enthusiastic, straight forward, sometimes humorous style that is 100% authentic Allie. Feel the enthusiasm as you venture through each insightful chapter. - Kathy Marlor - Director of Consulting - Member Solutions I have known Mr. Alberigo for many years. We have traveled annd trained together all over the world. I have also had the opportunity to watch Mr. Alberigo lecture on the business side of running a Martial Arts school. This book will save you thousands of hours of headaches and years of trial and error. About running the business side of a Martial Arts school, ... Mr. Alberigo has got it down! - Randy Weekley 6th Dan, Kyoshi - Colorado Ninjutsu Centers, Tactical Firearms Instructor.