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Recession-proof Selling: Exceed Your Sales Objectives in Any Economy

Recession-proof Selling: Exceed Your Sales Objectives in Any Economy

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Surviving as a salesperson in a time of economic downturn is not a matter of knowing the right secrets, getting the breaks no one else gets or having the cheapest products or services to sell. Surviving an economic downturn is a matter of INCREASING the value you deliver to your customer. There are always enough companies and individuals doing plenty of business during an economic slowdown. Your job is to find the best opportunities and win the business by being better in every dimension. During a slow economy, the most in-demand person in the world of competitive commerce is the outstanding sales producer. No one is more wanted. No one is more needed. The vast majority of salespeople will do nothing to systematically improve their efforts this year. Those who become more skilled in their profession are the ones who will survive and grow - even when the economy as a whole seems to be going backward. The bad news is that you might be one of those who gets left behind. The good news is that you do not need to be. Recession-proof Selling contains 124 individual lessons covering 48 different selling disciplines. They can be done individually or as a sales group or even in a networking group to raise the effectiveness of your selling efforts. They are free of silly tricks or manipulative tactics and focus on the delivery of exceptional value to the Customer. Don't endure a bad economy as a salesperson. Instead, settle for best.