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The Journey To Meaning

The Journey To Meaning

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He looked at me as his smile faded into an expression of deep caring. Before he could speak, I held up my hand and said, I m not sure what you are about to say but let me share something with you first. I just realized, just this very second, that growing up means being able to accept that things will never be perfect. And, on top of that, I now see that a truly engaged, self-determined human is someone who never stops pursuing the achievement of an ideal model. These people carry on despite knowing their ideal is impossible to attain. It is very clear to me that, just like our trip, the journey through life is where the most profound meaning can be found because it is how you travel through life, not how far you get, that really counts... sure, goals are important, but once achieved what then? Or, what if you set goals and fail? What then? I now understand the only thing we have complete control of is how we carry on... how we live. - Michael, in The Journey to Meaning You are invited to join Michael and his friend Richard on a journey that has a profound impact on their lives. While canoeing through the Minnesota wilderness, Richard helps Michael search for meaning and fulfillment in his business and his life. This dramatic tale will have you searching your own heart for your personal meaning in life and it will give you the practical tools you need to make your business, and your life, the greatest journey of all.