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Career Transition: A Faith-Based Approach

Career Transition: A Faith-Based Approach

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In an uncertain economy, job loss is, unfortunately, common. If you ve lost your job and are looking for inspiration to help get you back on your feet, Darren E. Holmes s Career Transition: A Faith-Based Approach provides just the necessary sparks to rejuvenate your attitude and point you in the right direction. Darren Holmes has held executive positions with some of the nation s largest financial services corporations, including Wells Fargo and Citigroup, as well as staff positions in a CPA firm and a bank holding company. He has re-organized, upsized, downsized, started, and closed dozens of individual departments. He is also candid about his own job eliminations; as one who has been there and rebounded successfully, he has the experience to write credibly about career transitions. Career Transition: A Faith-Based Approach focuses principally on attitude and faith. As Holmes writes, The situation you are in is what it is, but how you look at it makes all the difference. You choose whether you are happy or not. It s a choice we all have, and too many people let circumstances win out. They chose to be unhappy and didn t even know it. In addition to working on your own attitude, Holmes advises to place trust in God that things will work out. He even asks the reader to praise God for a job loss since a new opportunity has opened up before you. You ll also find in Career Transition: A Faith-Based Approach practical overviews of family and financial matters, such as budgeting and insurance. Holmes encourages you to enjoy your time off but also to use that time in a productive manner to further your life goals. He surveys the mechanics of a job search, addresses assessing job offers, and provides valuable insight on the sometimes difficult subject of relocation. Appendices focus on how to deliver the bad news if you re the one who has to break it and on Holmes s own stories of job losses. There are also helpful lists of other resources, both in print and online. The book is short, to the point, and highly focused. As Holmes writes, This book is not intended to provide in-depth coaching on resumes, cover letters, interviews, or any other specific job-hunting tool. It is designed to help you maintain a proper attitude and to provide some guidance on a difficult topic during what, for most people, is a stressful time. Career Transition: A Faith-Based Approach is just the resource you need to jump-start your attitude and your future!