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The Art of Strategic Leadership

The Art of Strategic Leadership

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THIS BOOK COULD SAVE YOUR ORGANIZATION These are the most important questions any leader needs to consider: Are you having trouble delivering basic services while building for the future? Is your organization mired in internal battles? Do you wonder how to achieve an enhanced external customer focus? Is there a sense of a leadership void, often associated with low morale? If you ve answered yes to any of these questions, your organization may be in danger. The Art of Strategic Leadership will help you prioritize and implement the changes needed to turn your organization around: Discover the hidden clues that can reveal whether there s a need for change Learn why consensus is not always a good thing Uncover the key issues that can spell failure Identify the choices that will determine future direction Find ways to implement change despite internal and external obstacles Change is inevitable. The right kind of leadership will set the stage for positive transformations in your organization.