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Music Success In Nine Weeks

Music Success In Nine Weeks

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If you are a musician who is serious about increasing your fan-base, getting more PR exposure, getting noticed by the online and offline media, and increasing your bottom line... than Music Success In Nine Weeks is for you! This book is a step-by-step guide that will show you how to make more money by combining social networking and Internet marketing . Music Success In Nine Weeks also teaches you how to craft a perfect pitch and use social media and social networking to find and connect with fans who want to hear from you, be in community with you and support you. This book will also teach you: How to identify your goals and move towards them within 24 hours of starting the book Written exercises to help you get educated, get clear and get focused Cutting edge technologies that the Internet has to offer to expand your fanbase How effectively get your own PR wheels spinning and get MORE PR Proven techniques for quickly increasing your fan base How to ask your fans what it is that they want, so that you can satisfy them directly and make more money from each of them The top 3 social networking sites that are right for you so that you can conquer your online presence quickly and effectively How to save time (so you can use it for rehearsals and gigging - not marketing) How to set up a base of fans to sell music and other products to How to come up with strategic and creative ways to get more gigs Identify solutions so you can start banking on your music career How to select the 3 easiest social networking sites that are right for you so you do not get overwhelmed with technology and you get the results you want