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Vacation Home Fractional Conversion

Vacation Home Fractional Conversion

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Vacation Home Fractional Conversion is a fresh approach for a changing real estate market. This groundbreaking book will take the reader from a fractional ownership neophyte to a level where Fractional Ownership Specialist can be aptly applied. Whether you are a real estate professional, a home builder, a vacation home owner or simply dreaming of owning a vacation home... this book will give you a solid understanding of fractional ownership and fractional conversion in laymen s terms. Vacation Home Fractional Conversion deftly covers exactly what the title says: converting vacation homes to fractional ownership homes. It takes the approach that the reader is part of the 99.8% of the population that does not have a firm understanding of fractional ownership and seeks to explain what fractional ownership is, how it has evolved, where it is going and how it can be used effectively in a number of situations to provide flexibility, increase profits and attract buyers.