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Organizing Successful Democracies

Organizing Successful Democracies

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Democracy for the people, and by the people, can produce successful organizational results. Participative planning of important objectives, timing, procedures, costs, and revenues are described and approved for achieving expected results. Consensus decision making, and accurately recording intended descriptions are initial key elements, in democratic planning and policy making. Related preparation of prioritization reports, along with specific resource requirements, anticipated real costs, and anticipated real revenues, are other significant features of successful democratic planning and policy making. Formal approval of all proposed policy packages is another prominent step towards democratic organizational development. Implementation, or putting into action, all approved policy objectives and procedures dominates the next phase of favourable progress. Accurately monitoring subsequent operational performance is another impressive principle of successful democratic development. Approvals may involve revisions, including additions, or deletions, to proposed policy statements. Similarly, proposed performance indicators are designed and approved to accurately measure operational results, in terms of accurate resources used, actual costs incurred, and actual revenues received. When each approved time frame reaches its conclusions, evaluation of overall performance may occur, to determine if each procedure achieved its expected results. Did expected costs equal actual costs? If not, what was the amount of the difference; and, specifically why did the difference occur? Were the expected resources used for each procedure? If not, why not? Were expected revenues the same as actual revenues, for each approved procedure? If not, an explanation of the difference(s) will be expected in the next evaluation phase of democratic development. Organizational planning, implementing, and evaluating are pivotal points on the strong, steady and balanced wheel of successful democratic progress.