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21st Century Real Estate Investing: Featuring 1031 + TIC

21st Century Real Estate Investing: Featuring 1031 + TIC

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In an easy to read format and plain language, this book provides you with a wealth of knowledge about real estate investing; encouraging you to start young if you want the comfortable retirement that leverage and compounding can provide, but also teaching you how to benefit from real estate investing no matter what your age--young, middle age, baby boomer or senior. From entrance to exit strategies, this book teaches you that everyone can be a real estate investor and that everyone should be a real estate investor—and it’s not that hard. You will learn not only that real estate returns can be impressive, but also how those returns can be enhanced by tax benefits--from purchase to resale. All of the real estate exit strategies are, for the first time, in one book: discounted gifting, charitable remainder trust, ordinary installment sale, self directed installment sale, structured sale, UPREIT, lease option, seller financing, development, syndication, and probably most important—1031 exchange. This book will dispel the mysteries and myths of 1031 exchange and teach you how this simple and inexpensive tool can work for you. This book will also teach you how to overcome the most daunting aspect of 1031 exchange—finding replacement property. Like nowhere else, this book lays out for you all of the replacement property alternatives. The choices will surprise you. This book concludes by teaching you about the alternative that is sweeping the country—tenant-in-common (TIC) replacement property.