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The Career Game Championships: ... and How to Win

The Career Game Championships: ... and How to Win

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Anyone who has ever looked for a job has had a taste of what noted career counselor Dr. Larry Linden refers to as "The Career Game Championships." If, like Dr. Linden, you've gone through the process and thought, "there's got to be a better way" then The Career Game Championships is for you. In his comprehensive look at changing jobs or even whole careers, Dr. Linden examines the activities and patterns that keep the average person moving from job to unsatisfying job. Then, using the most complete, innovative, and flexible method of job or career search available today he describes how you can avoid these pitfalls. This method is designed to get you the "right" job, with the "right" company in the "right" environment, making the "right" money in as little as one-third the normal time." With The Career Game Championships you can find it – regardless of the current job market – and make it your own. All the tools are here. Preparation, resumes & cover letters, presentation techniques, resource development, interviewing, management of the process, and follow-up are all described in a logical, easy-to-follow manner. Based on years of career counseling experience, and packed with insider tips & real-world examples to illustrate its techniques, The Career Game Championships is the breakthrough that will show you how to take the gold in your career.