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The Phat Controller: (A Leadership Handbook)

The Phat Controller: (A Leadership Handbook)

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Many people have important and sizeable responsibilities in their lives. This can include, buying and owning a home; purchasing a car; bringing-up children; or caring for relatives. To do this effectively requires good organisation and the ability to prioritise. All of which means that most people do not need to be 'overly-managed' in their working lives; they are perfectly capable of applying themselves. Managers are prone to making the mistake of trying to impose themselves and they become over-bearing. What people do need is effective leadership. The phat Controller (A Leadership Handbook) is not a complex study of leadership theories, it is a practical guide based on common-sense. It is a simple read, designed to help provide both management students, and current managers, with real answers to their problems; to make them stop and think; and to point them in the right direction to becoming a 21st Century leader. It is not just a 'How to...' book but, even more a 'How true !' book. The techniques discussed will help generate the confidence required to utterly transform a business. The phat Controller is relevant to a Chief Executive, just as much as to a Team Leader or Supervisor; providing them all with the opportunity to contribute to their organisation's success. It is best read from start to finish but, can be retained and used as an easy reference point; to be delved into, at any time in the future, for help with specific issues that may arise. And, why The phat Controller ? You will have to read it to find out!!