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The Recruiter's Edge: Comprehensive Recruiter Training System

The Recruiter's Edge: Comprehensive Recruiter Training System

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The Recruiter's Edge - Comprehensive Recruiter Training is designed to break a new recruiter into the profession and to guide them through all the steps needed to get job orders through making placements. This book provides extensive coverage of all pertinent areas of recruiting, and is masterfully written to help current recruiters achieve the level of success that they desire; yet simple enough to be used by individuals with little or no recruiting experience. The goal of this book is to help anyone in this industry, at whatever stage they currently are, to master the ropes, boost production and ultimately create a powerful recruiting business. The recruiters trained with our system are able to compete effectively with top-performing recruiters. "The Recruiter's Edge Comprehensive Recruiter Training Manual is a great asset for my company, the Start-up strategies were very informative, inspiring, and valuable. In one fast-paced month, you can manage to cover all of the important points about starting up a homebased career in recruiting. It gave me all the motivation that I needed to build my business. The Author C.N. Udeani is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the subject matter." Rhea Nunez - Elk Grove, CA The Recruiter's Edge training system is an asset to any recruiter. Find out what you have been doing wrong, learn how to boost your bottom-line, exceed your own expections! Also included in this book are samples of Contracts and Agreements, Documents and all Forms needed to run a successful Recruiting Business.