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Leadership, Real Estate and Disruptive Technology: Technological Situational Happenstances

Leadership, Real Estate and Disruptive Technology: Technological Situational Happenstances

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Irrespective of the interdisciplinary, epistemological, pedagogical or etymological differences in the interpretation of leadership, technological situational happenstances (TSH) is cognitively and effectively use as a trajectory toward transformation of various leadership styles. Commonalities and differences exist in Bass' (1985, 1996, 1997) and Burns' (1978, 2002, 2003, 2006) leadership theories. Some scholars harbor crotchetiness to Bass' and Burns' theories (Keeley, 1995; Mckendall, 1993; Snyder, 1987; White & Wooten, 1986). Other scholars constructively remain neutral to Bass' and Burns' theories (Dmitry, 2007; Yukl, 2006). Without leaders deploying TSH in organizations, information will be distorted and degraded from reaching strategic and tactical planners. TSH is use to analyze, synthesize and triangulate the United States real estate historical trends from 1880s to present. Financial mortgage institutions' unquenchable greed and unethical behaviors of granting mortgage loans to applicants resulted in foreclosures of homes in the United States. Financial institutions, such as Wachovia, Citigroup, Bank of America and Merrill Lynch Company assets backed collecterizatons are conjecturally losers in loans granted to applicants. Conversely, scholars in real estate posit that mortgage foreclosures on homeowners' cascades into economy recession, slowdown or cyclical trough (Aluya, 2007, 2007a, 2008; Austums, 2008; Cho, 2007). TSH is a nonlinear disruptive technology that resets customer's expectation, creates competitive advantages and shifts the market in favor of the disruptor (Yitts, 2006). TSH is an innovative technology that removed the dearth from the anchored business model. In this book, UPS, Hewlett-Package, Nokia, AOL Time Warner, and Yahoo are used as case studies. In the 21st century, organizational leaders use TSH to reposition strategically new products or services. TSH is also use in resetting industrial benchmarks and standards within the global terrain. The author is the publisher of Housing in Sub-Saharan Cities in 2007. Housing Phenomena in Abuja, Nigeria-A Case Study, 2008, IN., U.S.A.