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The RIGHTWORK System: How to Find Your Ideal Job

The RIGHTWORK System: How to Find Your Ideal Job

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Are you doing your ideal job? Are you working the way you want to work? Are you fulfilled by your current job? If you have answered "No" to any the these questions, then this book is for you. As employees, we are working longer and longer hours and it seems, becoming more and more unhappy, more and more stressed and more and more sick. Increasingly throughout the world people are searching for more meaning in their work and personal lives and increasingly, people are finding the courage to choose career paths that allow them to be more authentic not only in the work they do, but also in the way they do it. The greatest challenge for individuals in the 21st Century is to develop their own level of authenticity - because from authenticity flows purpose, and from purpose flows passion - and people with purpose and passion can change the world. The RIGHTWORK System® explains the dynamics of Authenticity. The tools, techniques and insights presented in this book will help you to identify your Unique Abilities and identify your Ideal Job. This book will help you to: . Understand the Authenticity Dynamics which drive YOUR life . Understand how these dynamics impact upon YOUR team . Understand YOUR Unique Abilities . Identify YOUR Ideal Job If you are ready to take positive action to change YOUR life - then this book is for you.