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The Issues Management Book: An Investment Opportunity in Panama

The Issues Management Book: An Investment Opportunity in Panama

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The road ahead is a difficult one. Increasing competition both at home and abroad, continuing ideological and policy conflict, practical problems, and day to day difficulties of every kind and from every source place extraordinary demands and almost unbearable pressures on the conscientious executive of today. The business executive in the next decades of this century and beyond must demonstrate unprecedented leadership, leadership that combines disciplined intellect and faith in the highest ideals. The business manager in a free society truly belongs to the people. Without that highest and noblest dedication, our economic system, indeed, our richly blessed way of life, will require attention in too many ways. It was easy to see that this book was distilled from the thoughts and experiences, the hopes and fears, the strengths and weaknesses, and the skills or lack of skills of top executives throughout this land. The author was clearly sensitive to and conversant with the problems of running a business in our modern world. His background as a student of management problems further testifies to this. The management issues reader must know himself/herself and be happy with what he/she is while at the same time building a healthy, calculated dissatisfaction with the status quo. He/she must realize, whether he/she is currently happy with his/her growth and caliber or not, that he/she must continue to grow, change, and stretch.