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Special Ed

Special Ed

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Special Ed takes the reader on an autobiographical journey through the life of someone succeeding in spite of his dyslexia. Receiving little assistance in identifying and dealing with his learning difficulties, Ed perseveres to create a life he wants rather than allowing others to dictate his future based on limited assessments of his abilities. The book tells the story of an individual who although intelligent and creative consistently performs well below average academically. After high school graduation he realizes he is unable to accept the limited life choices available to him as a result of his failing grades. Ultimately, he creates his own path, and achieves the full life he envisions for himself. The book focuses not only on dyslexia but the wide range of difficulties students encounter, both academically and emotionally, throughout their education. It illustrates that no matter what challenges a person faces, they must follow their inner voice toward their own personal happiness and success. It provides encouragement for all students and insight for those who sustain them.