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Executive Genius: How to Build a High-Awareness Company

Executive Genius: How to Build a High-Awareness Company

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Executive Genius is based on the psychological fact that the higher a leader's core awareness level, the higher his chance of accessing those flashes of superior comprehension and vision that define great leadership. All high-rise leaders know that advancement up the ladder is dramatically boosted by occasional flashes of insight and creative innovation, leading to major expansions in company strategy and vision. Psychologist John Selby and CEO Ahmos Netanel have developed a pragmatic new method for accessing "executive genius" regularly, every day of the work week. Learn how to: * Generate innovative flashes--more often! * Lift your mood and energy at work. * Manage sales-team empathy and boost sales. This book presents new "cognitive technologies" for boosting company cultures into more alert, innovative, empathic, and energetic performance. This book's quick-but-potent method can transform your senior leadership, and also your entire company. Your level of awareness at work isn't a static given--sometimes you're dull and moody and uncreative, other times you're sharp, charismatic, and innovative. Now you can learn to consciously expand your awareness levels at work--and in so doing raise your performance dramatically. In Executive Genius you will find out: * Why an executive's moods and mind must be managed for the better of the company. * What genius is and how it works. * Why awareness is your most important asset. This book focuses on how leaders can act to improve their own performance and brilliance, and also on how leaders can generate higher awareness-performance throughout their organization. Take charge of your mind and tap your own genius!