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The Five Commitments of a Leader

The Five Commitments of a Leader

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A Volume in the Practical Leader Series The Practical Leader series offers a roadmap for individuals striving to achieve leadership effectiveness within the context of today's complex world. Effective Leaders Dont List Commitments ... They Live Commitments What really defines leadership? Our concepts of leadership are usually based on our unique personal experiences, and it is clear that a leadership style that works in one situation can be a recipe for disaster in another. In leadership, one size does not fit all. In The Five Commitments of a Leader, Mark Leheney asserts that a more revealing way to examine leadership is through the commitments a leader makes (or fails to make). He focuses on five commitments a leader must make to be effective commitments to: -The self -People -The organization -The truth -Leadership Table of Contents: Chapter 1: A Commitment to the Self Chapter 2: A Commitment to the People Chapter 3: A Commitment to the Organization Chapter 4: A Commitment to the Truth Chapter 5: A Commitment to Leadership Chapter 6: Final Thoughts As Leheney delves into what a commitments to each area means, he challenges leaders to understand stated versus actual commitments, and through self-assessment and practice tools, he encourages leaders to ask themselves accountability-creating questions along the way. Once readers accept that these five commitments matter, they also accept responsibility for turning them into action. Following through on these commitments makes individuals effective leaders. An accompanying CD-ROM offers additional resources to print and use along with the tools, techniques, and exercises provided in the book.