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The Practice of Facilitation: Managing Group Process and Solving Problems (pb) (GPG)

The Practice of Facilitation: Managing Group Process and Solving Problems (pb) (GPG)

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A practical guide for those who facilitate group interactions within any public or private organization, this book gives specific strategies for conducting effective meetings, resolving conflicts within a group, and building consensus among group members and managing the work of groups over time. Webne-Behrman unique combination of practical advice and conceptual analysis. With examples from his extensive consulting experience and case studies from other sources, this book will be of value not only to experienced facilitators, mediators, and consultants, but also to executives and managers who need to become familiar with group facilitation. Webne-Behrman points out that a facilitator is actually a manager of a group within an organization--an important and diversified role. Not only do facilitators lead work teams in solving complex business problems, but in the public sector, they help resolve problems that may have rendered communities inoperative. They also manage interpersonal disputes to improve working relationships, and help build consensus on contentious social and political issues so as to help legislators create sound public policy. Webne-Behrman explains, "The book will serve as a companion to the practitioner at times of greatest urgency." Included are outlines of the stages of effective meetings, strategies for managing conflict, ways to build consensus, and other specific advice on how to approach and solve problems.