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Justice, Morality, and Social Responsibility (HC)

Justice, Morality, and Social Responsibility (HC)

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A volume in Research in Social Issues in Management Series Editors: Stephen W. Gilliland, The University of Arizona, Dirk D. Steiner, Universite de Nice-Sophia Antipolis and Daniel P. Skarlicki, The University of British Columbia This volume of Research in Social Issues in Management critically examines theoretical underpinnings of organizational justice and corporate social responsibility by identifying motives underlying desires for justice and by considering responses to injustice. The first set of chapters explores issues of morality, emotions, and social exchange relationships. These can be seen as engines that drive reactions to organizational justice. The second set of chapters addresses injustice and recovery, the social systems surrounding justice, and the application of justice principles to organizations' environmental and sustainability practices. A commentary chapter highlights ten themes that cross this interesting collection of paper on Justice, Morality, and Social Responsibility.