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Five Steps to C.A.L.M.

Five Steps to C.A.L.M.

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In Five Steps To CALM: Career and Life Management, Robert Patterson, Sr. uses his vast knowledge and extensive experience to create an invaluable guide on how to find the job you want and the job you deserve?today. Written with an especially keen insight for recently retired military personnel, this is a universal manual for nearly all market sectors and all sorts of employment opportunities. Beginning with how to write a basic resume?from content highlights, using powerful adjectives and what not to include?this book has handy and easy to use checklists that allows readers to put their best foot forward in all aspects of a job hunt. If you are searching for a job or are transitioning towards a new career, this self-help guide also walks you through key points on how to research potential employers, how to network, handle referrals, and present the very best candidate in an interview. This instructional reader puts you at the helm to finding a great job, a great career, and a great life.