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Ayn Rand and Business

Ayn Rand and Business

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In an astonishing personal journey that spanned much of the twentieth century, Ayn Rand transformed herself from a shopkeeper's daughter in communist Russia into one of the world's leading advocates of laissez-faire capitalism. The author of two popular novels, The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, Rand remains a compelling and influential figure two decades after her death. Objectivism, the controversial philosophy she built upon the tenets of reality, reason, and self-interest, is still passionately debated. Ayn Rand and Business interprets the fiction and philosophy of this self-proclaimed "radical-for-capitalism" for today's business reader. Rand's life and work offer insightful lessons for managers, traders, and entrepreneurs. The novelist-philosopher's three values and seven virtues of Objectivism provide a virtual blueprint for building a successful career. Rand's ideas about the force of innovation, the employer-employee relationship, and the critical need for long-term vision and purpose are as relevant as the latest business news headlines. Read Ayn Rand and Business and find out why Rand's ideas continue to matter in today's business world.