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Vendor Number: Is Your Product Good Enough To Get One?

Vendor Number: Is Your Product Good Enough To Get One?

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According to the publication, Navigating Business Services in North Carolina, more than 20,000 North Carolinians alone take the leap each year to start a business. They join the more than 700,000 businesses that already operate in North Carolina. Many of these small business owners and entrepreneurs will develop, during the growth of their business, a product that they would like to introduce to major retail outlets in the grocery industry. This book was written primarily for the small business owner and entrepreneur who has entertained that thought but has no idea how to begin the process. Based on the writer?s first-hand knowledge and personal experiences, this book will describe in detail the challenges, procedural steps, and possible expenses a novice will encounter on the way to introducing his/her product. What makes the book so realistic, and hopefully entertaining, is that the writer had no previous knowledge of the grocery industry and, like you, also had no idea of how to begin the process. The information included in this book is based on the writer?s actual work with an established small catering business whose specialty was, and still is today, eastern style, vinegar based pork barbecue. The obstacles that you encounter, the strategies that you implement, and with the execution phase, for the most part can be applied to the challenges and procedural steps described herein.