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Legacy in Wood: The Wahl Family Boat Builders

Legacy in Wood: The Wahl Family Boat Builders

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Centuries before steel, fibreglass, aluminum and automation were applied to shipbuilding, early twentieth century British Columbian shipwrights hand built fish boats entirely out of wood. Guided by their intuition and knowledge of the sea, they used only basic tools to craft thousands of vessels that shaped the way shipwrights and marine architects design the boats of today. "Legacy in Wood" is an illustrated story of one of those shipwrights, Ed Wahl. With the help of his six sons, Wahl created the most successful commercial fish-boat building enterprise on British Columbia's north coast, and one of the most well known boat shops on the entire British Columbia coast. Threaded with memories of Ed's sons and the crew of the Wahl boatyards, "Legacy in Wood" provides a unique look into a family business that enabled the fishing industry to be a mainstay of British Columbia's economy.