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Competition and Development: The Power of Competitive Markets (In Focus)

Competition and Development: The Power of Competitive Markets (In Focus)

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The growth of international trade and investment and the spread of bilateral and multilateral trade agreements have resulted in increasing economic integration, affecting almost all nations of the world. This has brought about many changes in the economies of developing countries, including a move away from state-controlled enterprise. However, it has also made developing countries more vulnerable to new and potentially harmful types of anticompetitive business practices.This book demonstrates the importance of true and fair competition to sustainable development and an effective marketplace, touching on issues of globalization, consumer welfare, cartels and monopolies, and trade liberalization. It introduces competition, and competition law and policy in developing countries. It focuses on the practical problems faced in developing countries and the steps that have been and can be taken to overcome those problems. It covers anticompetitive practices as they occur in developing countries and the policies that governments and citizens can promote and practice to limit the impact of such practices. For more analysis, discussion, and case material, visit the companion website, www.idrc.ca/in_focus_competition, which is also included with the book, on CD-ROM.