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Counterterrorism Strategies for Corporations: The Ackerman Principles

Counterterrorism Strategies for Corporations: The Ackerman Principles

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When America's corporate leaders need reliable information and expertise about dealing with threats to personnel both here and abroad, they turn to Mike Ackerman, who for more than thirty years has helped the business community deal with everything from random street crime to global jihad. Widely acknowledged as one of America's leading authorities on terrorism, Ackerman's forte is recovering kidnap victims. He has been involved directly in more than 150 cases. In this comprehensive overview, a distillation of his 46 years of experience in intelligence, military security, and, most of all, corporate security, Ackerman explores in depth the risks, direct and indirect, to multinational corporations from al Qaeda and its affiliates, and suggests practical countermeasures. Similarly, on the subjects of kidnapping and extortion, where his experience is unparalleled, he explores risks and suggests strategies for prevention and response. Several kidnapping and extortion cases in which he has been involved are described in dramatic detail. Ackerman also comments in depth on the use of bodyguards and armored vehicles, two of the more controversial subjects in corporate security, and addresses in depth residential security. Again, arguments are buttressed with concrete examples drawn from Ackerman's long experience. Like no other book on the market, this excellent resource is a must-read for corporate CEOs; CFOs; general counsel; executives charged with security, legal, human resources, risk management and travel management responsibilities; overseas travelers; business-school students; and, indeed, anyone concerned about terrorism.