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Tort Law for Legal Assistants

Tort Law for Legal Assistants

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Tort Law, fourth edition balances academic principles of tort law and practical coverage of skills necessary for the paralegal. The book offers fundamental tort law concepts, and real world, practical skills in an engaging, easy to read book. Each chapter contains valuable ?Practice Pointers? that introduce students to such skills as drafting pleadings, preparing medical authorization requests, documenting damages, writing FOIA letters, and assembling trial exhibits. Placing an emphasis on skill building, the student is provided numerous opportunities to apply the concepts learned in the ?Putting It Into Practice? section in each chapter. Using the Internet as a key student resource, Tort Law, 4th edition now includes relevant legal Web sites, in the ?Net News? and ?Local Links? sections, to acquaint students with sample documents, provide links to federal or state agencies and to showcase stimulating articles to keep students up to date on exciting developments in tort law.