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Don't Bet Your Life: Discover Why You Are Here

Don't Bet Your Life: Discover Why You Are Here

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Have you ever wondered why you are here? Are you, as a human being, the product of cosmic chance or divine design? And how does your answer to this question impact on your purpose in life?In supportive, conversational style, Jon Ford offers a lucid summary of complex questions about God, the universe, life, and personal belief ? the kind of questions that have intrigued, and often troubled, people since mankind first inhabited the earth. If you have ever wondered about the reason for your own existence, questioned your life's purpose or felt confused about your beliefs, then this book is the place to start your search for answers. And if you have already begun the journey, or even discovered your destination, the information and encouragement offered here will enrich your experience all the more.Wherever you currently find yourself, don't leave the discovery of why you exist to chance or the whims of others. Don't bet your life! In these pages you will find the inspiration you need to decide for yourself what you believe. and where you are going.