Essential Leadership Skills for Hospitality Supervisors: :  An Experiential Approach

Essential Leadership Skills for Hospitality Supervisors: : An Experiential Approach

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The success of any organization, is a direct link to the employees' performance. In the hospitality industry, several managers work long hours; five to six days a week, with little or no quality of life. So the success of these supervisors is not only important, but necessary. The fact is their success is directly linked to their employees' performance. And the employees will only provide high-quality service when they feel the managers are on their side and have provided the tools, training, and motivation necessary for them to be productive employees. Due to the intense labor of this industry and the continued changing of the workforce, supervisors must learn how to effectively communicate, train, develop, delegate, and motivate this diverse workforce. They must also learn how to handle marginal employees, solve problems, and make good and effective decisions. Essential Leadership Skills for Hospitality Supervisor - An Experiential Approach, will help you in the acquisition of the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to succeed in this endeavor. This book will not only discuss several theories and concepts, but will also provide you with several practical applications you will need to be successful. This book is easy to read and understand. It teaches you how to select the best talents in your team, train, develop, and motivate these employees; how to empower and delegate some of your responsibilities; how to provide the tools needed to accomplish the tasks; and finally how to move from a manager who does things right, to ultimate become a leader who does the right things right! I hope you find this book motivating and helpful. I wish you continued success in your career and this industry!