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ESOP FOREVER is a book about success. It is a book that is not only designed to help an ESOP-owned company achieve sustainability, (the continuation as an ESOP-owned company), but also to help it achieve success and greatness! This book discusses a wide range of sustainability challenges and solutions, as well as best practices for ESOP-owned companies. The term ESOP stands for employee stock ownership plan. A key emphasis within the book is the need for an ESOP-owned company to develop a Long Range Strategic Financial Plan. The book outlines a step-by-step approach for the development of such a plan. A very key process in the development of such a financial plan is a modeling methodology entitled Interactive Modeling. The purpose of Interactive Modeling is to tie together, in a very systematic manner, a company’s repurchase obligation study and its financial projections. The book builds upon the concepts presented chapter by chapter. One chapter explains why the repurchase obligation should generally not be a problem for those companies that create and execute a sound Long Range Strategic Financial Plan. The book also addresses certain ESOP myths and a wide range of best practices for an ESOP-owned company. Comments from Book Contributors and Associates This book does an excellent job of walking through the planning process, especially with its emphasis on the need to understand the mutually dependent relationship between the repurchase obligation and a company’s other financial parameters. Luis L. Granados, III, Attorney McDermott Will & Emery Washington, DC We have basically executed the “Interactive Modeling” process that Tom King has described in this book, and we believe in the process. We believe in the need to develop a Long Range Strategic Financial Plan. Mark Danisewicz Chief Financial Officer American Systems Corporation Chantilly, VA