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How to End Poverty in the World in Just 15 Years

How to End Poverty in the World in Just 15 Years

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Today, with so much know how existing on this planet, there is still billions of people leaving in extreme poverty. Except for some countries often called Developed Countries, A large part of humanity live in poverty and governments of the majority of countries do not know what to do to bring prosperity in the countries they rule. The people who lives in poor countries are hopeless and do not know what to do to solve the chronic problem of poverty they live in. These people have accepted poverty as a fact or something they can not do anything about. The unique solution that many people find is to immigrate to a rich country and become illegal immigrant in that country. But is poverty really a problem that nobody can do anything about? Can all the people of the world solve the problem of poverty and live a life characterized by prosperity like the one found in the United States? If you want to know the answer to these two questions then this book is for you. In this book, I will describe a brand new economic model, that as you will see, can be able to bring prosperity to any country in the world and bring the level of living of the most pour countries in the world today to the level of living in the most developed countries in the world in as little as 15 years. So, hold your breath and read this book and you will see how I leave no stone unturned when proposing a new economic model that can put an end to poverty in the world in a few years.