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Selling Made Simple

Selling Made Simple

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This book is not written as some far fetched selling system that might work, but rather as a book that is easy to read, and full of field tested techniques that have been proven to work over and over again everyday of the week. These techniques will work no matter what you might be selling. It is an invaluable selling system that is immeasureable in worth in todays selling market. Wheather you are selling a tangible or intangible item, Selling Made Simple is a must read for the beginning salesperson, and a great refresher for the veteran salesperson. This book will teach you the sales skills you must know to make it in todays modern business environment. It will teach you how to differentiate yourself from the common salesperson that all customers are used to. It will teach you how to recognize buying signals, how to make customers trust you, and how to win over customers and keep them for life. It will teach you to be assumptive, and ask questions in such a way as if the customer has already purchased, or is purchasing your product or service. It will teach you how to get customers thinking your way, and wanting to buy from you. It will teach you how to sell!!!