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This pioneering guide to the principles of mind power shows how to use the mysterious power within you to attain a life of abundance and purpose. This book could be called ?Twelve Steps to Wealth.? It is one of the first works to present a unified, detailed blueprint to abundance through the philosophy of mental power. Charles Fillmore is one of the legendary figures of the New Thought movement, bringing the philosophy to hundreds of thousands of everyday men and women through his nationwide Unity ministry and its popular community, Unity Village, in Missouri. Today, thousands of families continue to participate in Unity programs and recognize Fillmore as a beloved mentor. Published in 1936, Prosperity is one of Fillmore?s most famous works and a book that plainly brings the principles of mental science down to the working level, so that any person ?of whatever educational background or walk of life?can embark on a journey that will leave them richer, more creative, and more complete. Here is a twelve-step class from a venerated teacher on how you?right here, right now?can attain your true role as a conduit of the Divine Mind, and how that reality can bring abundance to you and those you love.