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How to Escape the Credit Trap Forever

How to Escape the Credit Trap Forever

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Millions of Americans have gotten into credit problems due to situations beyond their control. Some make common mistakes, unknowingly month after month, that keep credit scores low, even though bills are paid on time. Others have experienced catastrophic circumstances and found themselves in financial bondage, from which there seems no escape. We've been entrapped by the mysterious credit industry and the complicated credit scoring system. In today's world, your credit score is your lifeline- necessary for everything from getting employment and insurance, to home-buying; it's about time we were equipped with the knowledge necessary to properly manage our credit files and maximize our scores. This book is the solution to that problem. The average credit score is 678, and we believe this book could bring the average up to 720, enabling our readers to obtain the best interest rates available. Those who apply the principles outlined in this book, whatever their current score, will be armed with the knowledge and resources to immediately begin increasing their scores. This is the first and most comprehensive book ever written for the purpose of educating the general public on basic credit and financial issues and solutions. This education has been totally lacking, to the great detriment of our current adult population, which has created the 'credit crisis' now sweeping our nation. This book is written in simple language and an easy-to-follow format, which can educate anyone from high school students to senior citizens. It includes an exhaustive list of terms relating to the financial and credit industries, going far beyond the dictionary definitions to include examples and applications to help readers get out of the credit trap. The book provides real, useable solutions, that can be applied by anyone, to expertly manage their credit and completely turn their life around.