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Visual Culture Studies: Interviews with Key Thinkers

Visual Culture Studies: Interviews with Key Thinkers

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Visual Culture Studies presents 13 engaging and detailed interviews with some of the most influential intellectuals working today on the objects, subjects, media, and environments of visual culture. Exploring historical and theoretical questions of vision the visual, and visuality, this collection reveals the provocative insights of these thinkers, as they have contributed in exhilarating ways to disturbing the parameters of more traditional areas of study across the arts, humanities, and social sciences.In so doing they have key roles in establishing visual culture studies as a significant field of inquiry. Each interview draws out the interests and commitments of the interviewee to critically interrogate the past, present, and future possibilities of Viual Culture Studies and visual culture itself. The discussions concentrate on three broad areas of deliberation: The intellectual and institutional status of Visual Culture Studies The histories, genealogies and archaeologies of visual culture and its stuy The diverse ways in which the experiences of vision, and the visual, can be articulated and mobilized to political, aesthetic and ethical endsThis book demonstrates the intellectual significance of visual culture studies, and the ongoing importance of te study of the visual. Marquard Smith is Reader in Visual and Material Culture at Kingston University, London, and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Visual Culture. CONTENTS: 1. Visual Culture, Everyday Life, Difference and Visual Literacy Interview with icholas Mirzoeff 2. Mixing it up: The Media, the Senses and Global Politics Interview with W.J.T. Mitchell 3. Globalization, Cosmopolitanism, Politics and the Citizen Interview with Susan Buck-Morss 4. On the State of Cultural Studies Interview with Paul ilroy 5. Disability Studies, the Humanities and the Limits of the Visible Interview with Lennard J. Davis 6. Naming, Networks and Scientific Regimes of Vision Interview with Lisa Cartwright 7. Phenomenology, Mass Media and Being-in-the-world Interview wit Vivian Sobchack 8. Performance, Live Culture and Things of the Heart Interview with Peggy Phelan 9. Cultural Cartography, Materiality and the Fashioning of Emotion Interview with Giuliana Bruno 10. Visual Studies, Historiography and Aesthetics Interview ith Mark A. Cheetham, Michael Ann Holly, and Keith Moxey 11. That Visual Turn: The advent of visual culture Interview with Martin Jay 12. Polemics, Postmodernism, Immersion, Militarized Space Interview with Hal Foster 13. The Object of Visual Culture Studes and Preposterous History Interview with Mieke Bal