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Quick & Legal Will Book

Quick & Legal Will Book

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Make your own legal will, quickly & easily! If you want to create a will with the least amount of time and trouble, Quick & Legal Will Book is for you. It provides forms and step-by-step instructions to make a basic will that meets your needs. Find out how to: name beneficiaries choose a guardian set up a trust for minors name an executor finalize your will change or revoke a will and more The book provides all the forms you need as tear-outs and on CD-ROM, including an all-purpose will, and customized wills for a: single person with no children single person with children married person with children married person with no children The completely updated 5th edition provides the latest laws of your state and new information about the inheritance rights of same-sex couples. Forms Will Forms Will Form 1. Married With Child(ren), Property to Spouse Will Form 2. Married With No Children Will Form 3. Single, Divorced, or Widowed With Child(ren) Will Form 4. Single, Divorced, or Widowed With No Children Will Form 5. All-Purpose Will Beneficiary Worksheet Additional Specific Gifts Self-Proving Affidavits Self-Proving Affidavit: Form 1 Self-Proving Affidavit: Form 2 Self-Proving Affidavit: Texas Self-Proving Affidavit: Pennsylvania Will Codicil Form