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Globalization: A Multidimensional System

Globalization: A Multidimensional System

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Globalization is more than a buzzword; it is a complex and evolving process that continually reshapes our environment. Developments around the world in religion, politics, culture, macroeconomics, technology and sustainability all impact business at some evel; this book helps students understand the bigger picture of our global business world.Written in an engaging style, Globalization: A Multidisciplinary System argues for a careful consideration of the causes and effects of globalization, ending with a eview of the debate for and against it. Packed with relevant examples and case studies, this book introduces the multidimensionality of globalization, reveals its complexity, and provides a systems framework that clarifies the context of globalization andhelps students understand what globalization entails-and then helps them derive implications for business decisions from it. Features and BenefitsTranslates the fundamental systems model into an accessible analytical framework so students can clearly gras the nuances of this area of studyExamines the multidimensional nature of the globalization system and integrates the systems perspective throughout the book, encouraging students to think differently and comprehensively about globalizationOffers a readabe style with brief case studies that clearly illustrate chapter themes and discussion questions that trigger further thoughtIntended AudienceThis book is an excellent supplement for upper-level undergraduate or graduate courses in International Business, nternational Economics, International Relations or Cross-Cultural Management.