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The Basics of Communication: A Relational Perspective

The Basics of Communication: A Relational Perspective

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Click here to view our walkthrough.Praise for The Basics of Communication:"Duck and McMahan have done a wonderful job here of humanizing and personalizing the communication principles and processes they write about. . . . They give the material a warmth and familiarity that is missing from most textbooks." -Thomas Edward Harkins, New York University"This is a refreshing way to approach the subject matter. I am excited to see rhetorical perspectives woven with interpersonal concepts – it invites students to consider most specifically, how their communication with others constitutes and frames the relationship, future interactions, and the context itself. The combination of highlighting the relational character of communication with its rhetorical quality is incredibly appealing." -Melissa W. Aleman, James Madison University"I really liked the authors’ unique approaches to human communication and I found it exciting to have a text written like this. I want to thank the authors for their effort in putting forward such a text." -Yvonne Yanrong Chang, University of Texas-Pan American"Each concept is illustrated by lively, relevant examples. Best of all, the examples are not banal, but are well-thought. These relevant examples will engage students and invite them to pause and think. (As an aside, these authors must be terrific classroom teachers! I have very much enjoyed reading the examples. I bet students love them, too.)" -Carolyn Clark, Salt Lake Community College"This book is a first rate enterprise. I believe that its readability and well designed scholarly discourse make it an important new tool for college teachers and students." -Bryan H. Barrows III, North Harris CollegeWritten in a warm and lively style and packed with learning tools, The Basics of Communication: A Relational Perspective offers an engaging look at the inseparable connection between relationships and communication, highlighting the roles that interpersonal connections play in casual discussions as well as in public speaking. This groundbreaking text combines theory and application to introduce students to fundamental communication concepts. It also provides practical instruction on communicating interpersonally, in small groups, and in making effective formal presentations. Authors Steve Duck and David T. McMahan encourage students to think critically about key topics, to link communication theory to their own experiences, and to improve their communication skills in the process. Throughout, The Basics of Communication emphasizes communication theory and research that directly effects students' everyday lives, encourages development beyond personal views of communication concepts, ethics, and media, and examines how relationships are shaped by the communication tools and strategies that are used, whether through social networking sites or in interpersonal relationships with others. Key Features Stresses the interaction and influence of the vital intersections between communication and relational contextsOffers a refreshing and original approach that engages students with lively, topical examples to challenge them and to invigorate classroom discussionProvides up-to-date insight into communication topics (such as identity, group communication, and public speaking) in a way that easily fits within a traditional course outlineIntegrates carefully chosen and purposefully positioned original pedagogical tools, designed to motivate students to become more active observers and to learn how they can easily and effectively apply topics in their own relationshipsEach chapter contains Listen in on Life, Make Your Case, and Strategic Communication boxes and all photos are captioned with questions for the student to answer.Devotes two chapters to the use of media and relational technology such as cell phones, iPods, BlackBerries, MySpace, and Facebook in daily communicationAncillariesIncludes an Instructor’s Resource CD-ROM that features PowerPoint slides, a test bank, suggestions for course projects and activities, Internet resources, and more. (Contact Customer Care at 1-800-818-7243 to request a copy.) The robust online Student Study Site (www.sagepub.com/bocstudy) includes e-flashcards, video and audio clips, SAGE journal articles, links to a Facebook page for the text, and other interactive resources.Stay up-to-date plus exchange ideas and teaching tips, become a fan on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Basics-of-Communication-A-SAGE-Textbook/25419412306 (20080820)