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The SAGE Handbook of Child Development, Multiculturalism, and Media

The SAGE Handbook of Child Development, Multiculturalism, and Media

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"I suspect that this Handbook may become a ‘definitive’ text as we seek to include the perspectives of all types of people, to reach beyond the boundaries that have separated people of one culture from those of another, and to socialize our youth to be more multiculturally sensitive." -Carolyn Stroman, Howard University The SAGE Handbook of Child Development explores the multicultural development of children through the varied and complex interplay of traditional agents of socialization as well as contemporary media influences, examining how socialization practices and media content construct and teach us about diverse cultures. Editors Joy K. Asamen, Mesha L. Ellis, and Gordon L. Berry, along with chapter authors from a wide variety of disciplines, highlight how to analyze, compare, and contrast alternative perspectives of children of different cultures, domestically and globally, with the major principles and theories of child development in cognitive, socioemotional, and/or social/contextual domains. This volume will help readers evaluate ethnicity, socioeconomic, and gender issues in child development and see how these issues influence individual development as well as social policy. Key Features Provides comprehensive coverage: This handbook covers theory, research, and best practices for traditional agents of socialization such as family and home, socio-political and religious communities, and schools and peers, as well as the traditional (e.g., print and television) and newer media forms (e.g., the Internet and video games). Presents multiple perspectives: A well-known and impressive list of contributors from numerous disciplines represent various theoretical orientations and offer a rich variety of viewpoints regarding research and methodological assumptions. Offers versatile utility: This volume will be a valuable resource for program development, research and evaluation, or hands-on community-based projects. In addition, the practical applications will be of interest to broadcasters, public policy and advocacy groups, teachers, and other childcare professionals.