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Dream and Achieve: Discover and express your passion in your lifetime

Dream and Achieve: Discover and express your passion in your lifetime

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Have you ever sat down, with the feeling of a weary soul and asked the question, 'what is it all about'? Have you ever considered your present source of livelihood, which takes your best strength and time, as your ultimate contribution to human progression? Is your present occupation what you had always dreamt of, and are you fulfilled in it? Have you tried to create other ways to 'make ends meet', or create your wealth and have had temporary setbacks which you have probably mistaken for failure? If you cannot answer any of the above questions affirmatively, Dream and Achieve will lead you to rewarding answers. This book is about discovering your purpose and destiny, which is your reason for being alive. It teaches you how to practise the art of dreaming and take the right action, which leads to the accomplishment of your own dreams in your own lifetime. In addition, Dream and Achieve will enable the immigrant who thinks about "home" to have a reason to contribute to the development of his home country, when they read about my personal dream. The preface of this book lends power to the existence of dreams that are taken seriously. Having studied and qualified as a Chartered Certified Accountant in the UK, I'd realised that there was more to life than my learned general education. This led to a pursuit of my dream, which has brought more meaning to living the life that I now live.