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Virus: Spread the good news about your company via The Human Factor

Virus: Spread the good news about your company via The Human Factor

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To survive in our ever and rapidly changing tecnologically advanced, fast-paced and flattening world, we will not only need to rely more and more on our human relationships to succeed, we will actually long for them. Create a company worth someone talking about and spread your message by being fair to employees and customers. Give back to humanity, and you'll do well by doing good. As an employer, you motivate your employees to be more efficient and better workers. Challenge them to be the best employees they can be for you and for themselves, and then reward them when they accept the challenge. This positively impacts their lives as well as your business which will not only cause them to be better workers for you and improve their efficiency and quality of work, but reward them with a higher quality, more fulfilling life as well. How well you treat your employees, your customers and give back to humanity is "The Human Factor." Customers buy today after having an emotionally good experience with us that causes them to repeatedly tell the story of their experience--spreading the good word about us like a virus. Additionally, as consumers by doing business with companies who value The Human Factor, we can affect change when we feel it is warranted. Virus reminds us of the power we have as consumers to affect change by how and where we spend or don't spend our money.